NZ Radio Station That Wants Listeners to Switch Off

“John Watson is the first to admit that his DJ skills put people to sleep. Luckily for him, that is the point,” writes Charles Anderson in an article for The Guardian. “Instead of seeking an engaged listenership, Watson wants those who tune into his station to literally fall asleep.”

And people do listen. “People from as far away as Afghanistan, Israel, Russia, Hungary, Taiwan and Puerto Rico log on to Watson’s station Sleep Radio.”

“The idea of a radio station that sends listeners to sleep came to Watson after he had a heart attack 10 years ago. Following five coronary artery bypasses he began to suffer from chronic depression and insomnia,” reports the article.

“I never used to have trouble going to sleep but now I was lying awake watching the sun rise and feeling like a zombie,” said Watson, who lives in the tiny New Zealand township of Te Aroha.

When a counsellor suggested he try relaxing, ambient music to help him sleep, he “found there was not a lot out there for sleep music aficionados”.

“Even on the radio you would be listening to relaxing music, trying to get to sleep and, all of a sudden, an advert would come on, yelling at you to buy something.”

“Watson thought he could do better. He did his research, looking into royalty-free ambient music and taught himself how to set up a digital radio station. Sleep Radio was born” – a project he describes as both “hobby and a passion.”

“He often gets grateful listeners emailing him with their success stories, including a mother whose newborn baby is also seemingly a fan,” reports the article.

Article Source: The Guardian, Charles Anderson, June 6, 2018

Image Source: Public Domain Pictures

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