New Zealand Ad Genius On Show in Cannes

“Once again”, Down Under will be “well represented” at this year’s Cannes Lions, according to Doug Zanger writing for American trade magazine Adweek.

“Going through the list of Cannes Lions winners from New Zealand and Australia is a veritable buffet of genius with both countries claiming their stake as one of the world’s bastions of creativity,” Zanger writes. “Winners like ‘Meet Graham’, ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, and ‘McWhopper’ are but a small representation of considerable talent and big ideas.

“Though there is a long-standing battle about which of the two countries invented the pavlova (history’s most magnificent dessert, which is from New Zealand), they can agree that each pushes the other to deliver work that stands tall consistently.”

Zanger includes a number of campaigns from both sides of the Tasman, including the following from New Zealand: Netsafe’s: “Re:scam” from DDB, Pedigree’s: “SelfieStix” from Colenso BBDO and the New Zealand Police campaign “Freeze!” by Ogilvy.

“How does a police force boost applications by 600 per cent? If you’re the New Zealand Police, you do it the Kiwi way, with a witty, entertaining and informative film that features a diverse cast of real police officers. Recruiting in any industry is a tough nut to crack, but this was a delicious take that now sets the bar,” Zanger writes.

The Cannes Lions 2018 awards are held from 18 through 22 June.

Original article by Doug Zanger, Adweek, June 15, 2018.

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