Colenso BBDO Win Gold for DB Export Beer Bottle Sand Campaign

Colenso BBDO have won Gold in Adweek’s Project Isaac Awards for their Beer Bottle Sand campaign for DB Export. The award was won in the Event/Experience Invention category.

“With sand used in everything from construction to pharmaceuticals, beaches are being depleted at an alarming rate. To address the problem in New Zealand and build buzz for its brew, DB Export dispatched a machine to local bars that lets drinkers instantly crush used bottles into a sand substitute for industrial applications,” as described in the article.

“DB Export Beer Bottle Sand is then supplied to construction companies, manufacturers and anyone else who needs it, reducing the country’s dependence on beach-derived sand,” according to Colenso BBDO.

“At the heart of DB Export’s DNA there’s a motivation to get stuff done and at the heart of our drinkers’ DNA there’s a desire to do good in the world. So, merging the two together helped create a higher purpose that people can rally behind,” said  agency business director Brodie Reid.

Adweek’s annual Project Isaac Awards are “a celebration of novel notions that obliterate boundaries and exceed expectations to bolster brands and, in some cases, advance social causes close to their creators’ hearts,” as reported in the article.

Article Source: Adweek, September 11, 2017

Image Source: Youtube

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