New Cops Ad Drives Huge Increase in Web Traffic

How do you reach a broad cross-section of potential police recruits? Adweek asks. With an entertaining video that features a broad cross-section of police spokespeople. Ogilvy did just that for New Zealand Police, and saw a surge of new applicants.

The point of the campaign was to attract more diversity to the New Zealand Police ranks, forming a team that better represents and understands all the communities of New Zealand. And so, the video has tons of diversity, too – featuring 70 real officers and a constantly changing point of view.

This ad drove a 898 per cent increase in web traffic to on the day of launch, Ogilvy says, and a 615 per cent increase in profiles created by potential new police in the first week. Notable, there was a “huge increase” in interest from Asian, Pacific and Maori potential recruits, Ogilvy adds.

The video also impressed law enforcement around the world, including Chief Neil Dubord of the Delta Police Department in British Columbia, Canada, who tweeted:

“The @nzpolice have produced an awesome #police recruitment video. It fully exemplifies the qualities of Policing; diversity, courage, service, humour to name a few.”

Original article by Tim Nudd, Adweek, December 8, 2017.

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