More Tape Across the UK This Spring

The Boy With Tape On His Face, aka New Zealand comedian Sam Wills, 34, is interviewed by the North Devon Journal ahead of his live show, More Tape, which was on at The Plough Arts Centre on 24 May in Great Torrington as part of Wills’ spring tour. The nature of Wills’ prop-based mime act is such that its appeal is universal. The spoken word is obviously irrelevant, and the music used (usually Eighties pop) is famous enough for it to appeal worldwide. The only thing he has to check is “the hand gesture for telling someone off, as sticking two fingers up can mean different things in different countries”. Wills has toured extensively in the UK, playing to The Royal Variety Performance, and has been a darling of The Edinburgh Fringe. Television work includes appearances on programmes such as ITV’s Comedy Rocks and BBC2’s Comedy Prom.

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