AGT Act Tape Face Talks About His Inspiration

When mime Tape Face made his first appearance on America’s Got Talent in 2016, judge Simon Cowell called him “clever”, Mel B labelled him “genius” and Howie Mandel called him “brilliant” and predicted that Tape Face’s life was going to change forever – and it has. In this interview, the New Zealand-born comic tells entertainment site Parade how.

Tape Face, who was born Sam Wills, and who is now living in Las Vegas, has yet to utter a word on the show. He recently made his third appearance on AGT, for a shot at the Fantasy League title.

Wills, 45, who is originally from Timaru, says: “I now have my own show in Las Vegas at MGM Grand Underground. That’s quite a big thing. We have been entertaining Vegas audiences for seven years now.”

What inspired Wills to become a mime?

“Far too many people speak when they shouldn’t. More people should try shutting up.”

Original article by Paulette Cohn, Parade, January 1, 2024.

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