Meet GoodWorld, the Start-up Revolutionizing Online Charity

GoodWorld, a start-up founded by New Zealander Dale Pfeifer is revolutionizing the world of online charity.

The start-up is a “fascinating–and extremely fast-growing–marriage of crowdfunding, philanthropy, and social media”, and allows people to donate money to any charity just by using the hashtag #donate.

When donating for the first time GoodWorld contacts people for their billing information – after that they only need to use the hashtag #donate.

The organisation is constantly growing and users and donations are increasing. GoodWorld has been backed by big names like Kevin Roberts from Saatchi & Saatchi or Chris Liddell, the former CFO of Microsoft and General Motors.

Interestingly the start-up is operating in the for-profit sector.

“Being a for-profit company has allowed us to attract this incredible cadre of investors, and bring their financial acumen to the company. Their connections, their support, and having them really push us and keep us accountable has been incredibly helpful,” said Pfeifer.

“If it was a nonprofit and I was going out and asking for grants, it would have been hard to pull together the kind of capital to grow and scale this business.”

Article Source: Inc., Maria, Aspan, November 12, 2015.

Image Source: Twitter – AllforPeacebuilding

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