Maryanne Redpath at Helm of Berlinale’s Generation

Within 10 years, former artist, teacher and filmmaker New Zealand-born Maryanne Redpath has turned the Berlinale youth section Generation into one of the most popular strands of the film festival, with a gem-packed programme of screenings for audiences of all ages.

This is the Berlinale strand supposed to cater to the under-18 set while their parents watch the “serious” films. But in the 10 years since Redpath took over as section head, Generation has become a cinematic treasure trove on the radars of insiders and cinephiles. This year, 65 films from 39 countries, split into sections for younger kids (Kplus) and teens (14plus), will be vying for audience affections and the Crystal Bear award. All of them have been carefully selected by a nine-strong committee led by Redpath.

The section was renamed from Kinderfilmfest to Generation in 2006. Were you making a point by removing the word “children”? Schneider asks.

“We actually had a lot of criticism when we took away the word ‘children’ – do you hate children now, or what?” Redpath says. “Unfortunately, when you hear that label Kinderfilm, it is loaded with prejudices and expectations; mostly that the films should ‘behave’ appropriately with a beginning, a middle and a happy ending … Those are not the films we show. I remember when Rasmus Horskjær [of the Danish Film Institute, and a Generation juror in 2012] was once interviewed about his ideal youth film, and he said A Clockwork Orange!”

Redpath was born in 1957. She has been living in Berlin since 1985.

Original article by Ruth Schneider, Exberliner, February 7, 2018.

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