Maggie Bolger’s Hip London Kids Club a Soho House for Parents

Maggie Bolger and Rose van Cutsem are, on the face of it, unlikely friends and business partners. Bolger is a matter-of-fact New Zealander who lives in London, while van Cutsem — née Astor — is an Oxfordshire-based aristocrat and close friend of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Together, they run Maggie & Rose, “the original family members club” providing classes for preschool children and a social club for parents.

Bolger, 36, founded the first Maggie & Rose in Kensington in 2007. She now has a second club in West London’s Chiswick.

The club’s sales come from a £875 per family membership fee and sales of children’s classes in cooking, dance, art and music.

“I set up Maggie & Rose because I didn’t feel like there was anywhere nice to go with my children when they were little,” says Bolger, a mother of four.

Original article by Hilary Rose, The Times, August 19, 2014.

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