Love bites

“Anna Paquin is about to catapult into a rare form of superstardom, the kind in which a television actress becomes an A-list fixture (á la Sarah Jessica Parker)”, writes Cristina Greevan Cuomo for the swanky publication HAMPTONS. Paquin, 26 — who received her acting apprenticeship in The Piano at the age of 10 — is now the star of HBO’s True Blood, a “dangerous, sexy, otherworldly…grown-up version of a fairytale” created by Alan Ball of Six Feet Under fame. Her role as Sookie Stackhouse earned her a Golden Globe this year and is the perfect qualifier for all of her hard work since The Piano. “The Golden Globe feels pretty damn good because I’m an adult, and it’s the first major recognition I’ve had for my work as a non-child,” says Paquin. True Blood has also been good for her personal life; she fell in love with her costar, Stephan Moyer (who plays the vampire Bill) during filming, and the couple now live together.

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