Leave No Girl Behind Sings Kimbra in Campaign

Grammy award-winning artist, New Zealand-born New York-based Kimbra, has released an original song to launch the Leave No Girl Behind initiative with the not-for-profit So They Can, Leah Rodriguez writes in a story for the international education and advocacy organisation, Global Citizen.

The upbeat track shines a spotlight on the changes Kenyan girls want to see in their communities to stop harmful practices like child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM) and aims to raise $75,000 to support girls’ education.

Kimbra, 31, hopes Leave No Girl Behind helps drive home the power of schooling to transform a girls’ life.

“I would love for the song to create a feeling of community and motivation in people here in America or wherever the song reaches,” Kimbra told Global Citizen.

When approached with the project, Kimbra met with a group of Kenyan schoolgirls impacted by So They Can via Zoom and listened to their stories about the discriminatory traditions and beliefs they have been forced to endure.

Original article by Leah Rodriguez, Global Citizen, January 15, 2022.

Photo by Spencer Ostrander.

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