Kiwi Making YouTube Waves with ‘Royals’ Cover

As Lorde goes from strength to strength, covers of her number one song ‘Royals’ are sprouting like mushrooms on YouTube, and now a second Kiwi is finding fame with his take on the world wide hit.

Twenty-two-year-old insurance consultant Matt Horne recorded himself singing the song with the help of a friend, and posted it here on YouTube.

Then American media personality Ryan Seacrest’s team picked it, along with 19 others, to compete for the title of best cover.

Mr Horne is in fourth place and says he is hopeful he can do well in the competition.

“I’d like to think so – there’s some big names. You’ve got people who I watch and follow, and they have hundreds of thousands of followers – so it would be a big ask,” he says.

There are thousands of covers and you can get ‘Royals’ in any genre you desire on YouTube – from country to bluegrass.

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