Kiwi Entrepreneur Makes Forbes Under 30 List

Law and commerce graduate Shay Wright has been listed on Forbes Under 30 Asia list in the magazine’s social entrepreneur category as co-founder of Te Wharre Hukahuka, an organization that aims to rebuild the Maori economy through training and education.

“Wright’s work is focused on helping underprivileged Maori people expand their horizons, reversing a poverty and dependency cycle by opening their minds to new possibilities and teaching community leaders practical skills that can make a difference,” as stated on Forbes.

With his work Wright wants to impact the lives of 10 million indigenous people. Long-term he also wants to expand into other markets to reduce societal inequality along cultural lines.

“What gets me up in the morning is the ‘knowing’ that I help return pride and opportunity to Maori communities so that we can all flourish. Being responsible, thinking globally but acting locally, and creating solutions that we can share with indigenous communities around the world,” said Wright, as reported on Scoop.

Shay Wright, co-founder of Te Whare Hukahuka, which was created from Auckland-based business startup hub ‘The Icehouse’ in early 2015, wants to to empower community leaders with confidence and the necessary skills to run world-class organisations.

Article Source: Lawfuel, 2 March

Image Source: Youtube

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