Kiwi Band ‘No Tag’ Reissue Classic 1982 Album ‘Oi, Oi, Oi’

Thirty years after its initial release, No Tag’s album ‘Oi, Oi, Oi’ – three tracks of burly and meaty street punk, has been re-issued by New York City label Radio Raheem.

“Guitarist Andrew Boak, singer Paul Van Wetering, drummer Carl Van Wetering, and bassist Mark Sullivan hailed from the North Shore of Auckland, an area not particuarly known for a strong punk or oi scene”, according to the Vice article, which also features an interview with guitarist Andrew Boak.

Boak tells Vice that he used to listen to more UK stuff than US and that there was a “pretty good supply of punk and oi records coming in on import” at the time.

He also remembers their 1983 television performance when TVNZ transformed their studios to look like a pub.

“We didn’t identify as an oi band, it was a label that was thrust upon us by the media, if anything, the whole idea of labelling a band by genre was something we hated and hence the name of the band itself”, said Boak when asked about playing as an oi band in London in the mid 80s.

Recently the band performed at Kings Arms in Auckland – a performance which was sold out completely.

Article Source: Vice, Tim Scott, December 13, 2015

Image Source: Twitter – Noisey

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