Kane Strang’s New Tunes Very Good Indeed

Newly signed to American label, Dead Oceans, singer-guitarist New Zealander Kane Strang is “amping up and plotting a new record,” according to DIY magazine’s El Hunt.

“‘Oh So You’re Off I See’ is one of two things; what you say to somebody when they exit a room unexpectedly, or the new song from Kane Strang. Strang is currently working on a new album, and this serves as a very promising first taster,” Hunt writes.

“While Strang’s previous release ‘Blue Cheese’ was recorded while house-sitting for his parents, ‘Oh So You’re Off I See’ is evidence of a proper beefing-up; teaming up with a band, and turning the amps up. A fuzzily chugging gem of a track, it collides chipper call-and-response vocals, and a hookier-than-that-pirate-from-Peter-Pan chorus.

“In other words, very good indeed.”

Strang tours North America throughout March, supporting Teenage Fanclub on 25 March in Vancouver.

He is from Dunedin.

Original article by El Hunt, DIY, February 8, 2017.

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