Kane Strang’s New Album Out in June

After sharing a string of ace singles over the last few months, New Zealander Kane Strang has announced that his new album, Two Hearts and No Brain will be out on 30 June, and DIY magazine is getting excited.

Two Hearts And No Brain, the follow-up to Blue Cheese, will feature recent single Oh So You’re Off I See (and other exquisitely-titled gems including Summertime In Your Lounge and Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost)). It was recorded in his hometown of Dunedin at the haunted Chick’s Hotel studio and for it Strang teamed up with producer Stephen Marr from trip hop group Doprah.

“As another taste of what to expect from the record, Strang has shared new single My Smile Is Extinct. As we’ve come to expect from him, it’s another slice of slightly lo-fi, fuzzy and intelligent alt-rock. Well, any track with opening lines like ‘yes she is the best I’ve ever had/ I’ll say it to her face, I’ll say it to her dad’ is a winner.”

Strang is currently on tour in Europe. He plays at the Lauter Festival in Zurich, Switzerland on 13 May before a show at Gullivers in Manchester on 15 May.

Original article by DIY, April 26, 2017.

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