Jessica McCormack’s Diamonds Shine at Met Gala

American actor Zoë Kravitz is a master of the bejewelled bralette, according to British Vogue journalist Alice Newbold. Her Met Gala 2021 moment was a riff on these looks, only with more diamonds with Kravitz’s friend, New Zealand-born jeweller Jessica McCormack, helping her perfect the balancing act, Newbold writes.

“I live in her jewellery, I really do,” Kravitz says of McCormack’s vintage-inspired pieces.

The London-based designer’s “day diamonds” are part of the whole Jessica McCormack world Kravitz fell in love with. Her six-story Carlos Place townhouse – a treasure trove of antiquities, objets, art, books and, of course, exquisite jewellery – has become a place Kravitz regularly pops into when she’s in town. “It’s nice to have a friend out there,” Kravitz says, while McCormack adds: “We understand each other and share an appreciation of the craft.”

Original article by Alice Newbold, British Vogue, September 14, 2021.

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