Fine Jeweller Jessica McCormack Goes Goth

“All black, all the time: Black diamonds, black pearls, onyx, black spinels, obsidian and blackened gold are just some of the materials turning up recently in fine jewellery creations,” New York Times correspondent Kathleen Beckett writes. “Jewellery designers [Like London-based New Zealander Jessica McCormack] have been mining the look.”

“McCormack said her Lost Boys collection introduced last summer was inspired by a similar sensibility. She was a teenager when she first watched The Lost Boys, the 1987 cult vampire movie, and found it ‘sexy and scary’, she wrote in an email. When she watched it again recently, she wrote, she was struck by ‘the fairground, where a lot of the film is set, lit up at night or filled with punks in the daytime. I love that something really unglamorous, and kind of grotty, can take on a dark, sexy edge. I wanted that with this collection, to play with contrast.’

“So she edged white diamonds with borders of blackened gold and featured a bracelet of blackened gold studded with black diamonds that looks a lot like barbed wire,” Beckett writes.

Original article by Kathleen Beckett, The New York Times, May 26, 2023.

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