Golden Boy of Psych-Pop Connan Mockasin Talks to i-D

Following a residency at Marfa Myths – a festival in Texas curated by record label Mexican Summer and Ballroom Marfa, which Mockasin spent recording with British singer Dev Hynes – he found himself in Los Angeles on the hunt for inspiration. Looking out at the Hollywood Hills, i-D magazine talked with him about the music industry, life without a phone, and not knowing what comes next.

“I don’t have a phone, a music collection, or an iPod,” Mockasin says. “I don’t like being with people on their phones – I see how it affects people. With things like Instagram, people become obsessed with seeing how many likes they’re getting and how many followers they have. I like to have my own life; I don’t want to share everything.

“Right now, I’m really looking forward to spending time with friends, starting [a] television series [in London], and painting. Funnily enough, now that I’ve decided I’m not doing anything it’s starting to make me feel more inspired.”

Mockasin toured with Radiohead in New Zealand and Australia throughout November 2012. He released his second album, Caramel in 2013.

Mockasin, born born Connan Tant Hosford, is originally from Hawke’s Bay.

Original article by Benjamin Barron, i-D, March 24, 2015.

Photo by Hiromi Oshima.

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