Gin Wigmore Embodies Casual Tough Girl Style

New Zealand-born musician Gin Wigmore has a fashion sense equally eclectic as her sound, according to style site Paste Magazine. With unfussy platinum blonde locks, a beautifully detailed tattoo sleeve and rings for every finger, Wigmore is the embodiment of casual tough girl style.

Though about to kickoff her stateside tour on 8 September in Boston, with dates in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia already sold out, Paste Magazine was able to get ahold of Wigmore via email to talk all things style related, including her various wardrobe inspirations and what staying true to herself means for both an on and offstage persona.

Wigmore tells Paste her style changes like her music does.

“It is a reflection of how I feel about myself on the inside yet portrayed on the outside,” she says. “It’s another language of sorts, a way of grouping people, connecting people and feeling a sense of belonging with others.”

Paste says they love the diverse fashion choices in Wigmore’s music videos.

“From a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde in ‘Written in the Water: Die Regardless and Live However’ to the grungy take on 1920s flapper style in ‘Man like That.’ Is there a specific era you find yourself particularly inspired by, whether in your music or look?”

“I find myself really drawn to the lifestyle of the ‘20s,” she says. “With perspective I can appreciate things about many eras though. I do always wonder what it would be like to be around during Ancient Egyptian times … I guess my inspiration wanders across many eras.”

Wigmore, 29, is originally from Auckland. She lives in Los Angeles.

Original article by Kit Hamlen, Paste Magazine, August 27, 2015.

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