Geared-up for Top Show

The story of Hulme Supercars, the company behind the Hulme Can-Am, will feature on cult UK motoring show Top Gear, with the show expected to screen in August or September. Hulme managing director Jock Freemantle said scoring Top Gear was a coup for the fledgling company, but more importantly, it gave access to ongoing support and expertise. “This is not a typical Top Gear show,” Freemantle said. “They’re coming over to talk about the history and the story of the Hulme — to film it and test it and advise us on what’s required to make it the ultimate supercar.” He said having Top Gear on board would subject it to testing by drivers who had experienced the world’s best supercars. “They’re sending over a driver who’s a Porsche and Audi supercar test driver, plus he’s driven and tested Lamborghinis and all those supercars, so he’s going to be a major input into the story.” Hulme is in the midst of a share offer to raise at least $2 million for the next stage of production. So far several wealthy investors and enthusiasts have bought in, among them Commonwealth Bank chief executive Ralph Norris. The offer closes on June 3.

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