From Top to Bottom

Paeroa ultra-marathon runner Andrew Hedgeman, 22, has run the length of New Zealand in 28 days, averaging 80km a day, to become the first ever to complete the distance in under 30 days. He was greeted on arrival at Stirling Point by Invercargill mayor Tim Shadbolt with a plate of oysters. Hedgeman admits he will have the utmost respect for the next person who takes on the challenge. “I’ll take my hat off to the person that does this next,” Hedgeman said. So what is the best thing about completing running’s toughest feat in New Zealand? “Knowing I don’t have to get up and run again tomorrow,” he said. Along the way Hedgeman stopped at several schools to talk about his efforts and try to inspire children to reach for their goals. He is now looking at writing a book about his feat.

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