For Those About the Rock the Globe

The Datsuns have mounted a full-scale global aural assault: Boston Daily Globe: “It’s a high-energy assault with mammoth guitar riffs, strutting bass, and raw vocals that cartwheel into tomcat wailing.” New York Post: “The four-piece outfit from NZ rattled the room and sent the sweaty crowd into spasms of delirium.” LA Times: “The quartet’s raucous hour-long set … prompted many listeners to hold up their fists in the age-old devil-horns symbol of rock-fan approval.” As well The Datsuns are set to play at Europe’s biggest musical festival, Roskilde, “They play ROCK with everything this entails of banging drums, pulsating bass riffs, long guitar solos and songs about women and sex.” Christian Datsun discusses fame, fortune and the perils of being dubbed “the world’s best band” with The Montreal Gazette.


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