FDCI and Education New Zealand Promote Cross-Cultural Fashion

“The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and Education New Zealand (ENZ) will be organising a fashion event ‘Runway to New Zealand’ based on the theme “Future World Connection”, in New Delhi on May 12, 2016,” as reported in an article in The Times of India.

As part of the event, students from the Pearl Academy (Noida, Jaipur and New Delhi), the National Institute of Fashion Technology (New Delhi), and New Zealand- Massey University and AUT University will work together in pairs.

Each of the six teams will present two garments in the competition. The Indian students of the two winning teams will be awarded a two-week internship at the participating New Zealand universities, according to the article.

“We are really excited to have Education New Zealand work with FDCI to host this first joint competition for teams of young kiwi and Indian student designers to develop garments that strongly reference the fabrics, cultural heritage and flair of both countries,” said Grahame Morton New Zealand High Commissioner.

“Sustainability is the future of fashion and the FDCI has always supported style with a soul and it has been a recurring leitmotif in our repertoire. This interesting exchange between students from New Zealand and India will make it a spectacular rendition of cross cultural references, creating a surreal experience,” said Sunil Sethi, FDCI President.

Article Source: Times of India, May 9, 2016

Image Source: Twitter – Jasmeen G Dugal

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