Even Bigger Steven Adams Wows in San Diego

For four days during the annual Comic-Con, the San Diego Convention Center is a treasure trove of everything pop culture fans love: comics, super heroes, super villains, video games, movies, TV shows, books and more. To take its readers inside the madness, The San Diego Union-Tribune found 10 things that excited them in the exhibit hall, including a statue of a New Zealander, NBA player Steven Adams.

Rotorua-born Adams, of the Oklahoma City Thunder, is now featured in a comic about his life called Kiwi Legend, the newspaper reports.

The comic, which was on sale at the event, was produced by artist Corey Lewis Reyyy. Reyyy said in a video posted on the Thunder’s Twitter page that Adams was an easy subject choice.

“He’s a really cool kind of character to write and to draw,” Reyyy said.

“In the comic, he like starts, I wouldn’t say brash, but like a salt of the earth type of fellow, who’s kind of struggling, who’s really tough, but he has to learn stuff, as we all do. He’s got a very interesting family, which is amazing.

“He’s a really fun character.”

Adams will run his regular coaching clinics in New Zealand in August, which will be held in Auckland, Palmerston North and Dunedin.

Original article by Abby Hamblin, The San Diego Union-Tribune, July 20, 2018.

Photo by Abby Hamblin.

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