Emma G Battling Bigotry With Music in D.C.

Few could have foreseen the landmark events that would embroil the US in upheaval but for former Hamiltonian Emma Ghaemmaghamy, better known as Emma G, the situation has proved surprisingly fertile territory for her songwriting and burgeoning music career, Mike Mather writes for Stuff.

Ghaemmaghamy, who was formerly the lead singer of hard rock outfit Static Era, arguably has a higher profile in the US than her New Zealand homeland these days, Mather reports for the news site.

She moved to the US following the dissolution of her old band and is now firmly ensconced in Washington D.C., where she is part of both a thriving music scene and activist movement.

Her just-released latest single ‘[You Can’t] Control the Night’ is the result of her participation in both communities. It’s a joyous, powerful testament against the forces of oppression and racism.

“I’m loving life in D.C., honestly,” she said. “I know this is where I need to be. As a musician, as an activist, and as an American citizen who is still getting to know my family and roots here.”

Original article by Mike Mather, Stuff, July 6, 2020.

Photo by Colin J Mason.

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