Coromandel NZ’s Favourite Holiday Spot

With such a stunning country and so many spots to choose from, what is the favoured destination for locals to head to in the upper North Island, the Epoch Times asks. “You won’t find many tourists here and that’s what makes it so attractive.”

“It’s tempting when visiting New Zealand to travel the whole country, which is understandable,” Gina Nilsen writes for the publication. “But if peace and quiet is on the agenda, you’re probably better off plonking yourself in one spot and taking day trips as necessary, and the Coromandel is perfect for this. You’ll experience a microcosm of the country’s best offerings: fresh seafood, secluded beaches, temperate rainforests for all grades of hiking plus engaging and helpful locals.

“The region is largely unaffected by the modern world; there’s no advertising and not much seems to have changed since the Gold mining days, especially on the west side. Think artisans and the unhurried, organic lifestyle.

“If a morning visit to the local café or an evening helping of sharp cheese and sauvignon blanc is your preference, you’ll love the east coast towns of Whitanga, Paunaui and Whangamata. With plenty of luxury holiday homes, manicured gardens, European cars, boats and taut, spray-tanned bodies, this is the place for you.

“If fishing, pig hunting or just wandering about taking it all in is your thing, you’ll love the west coast. Visit the Seabird Coast, Miranda Hot Springs, Thames and Coromandel townships. This area boasts a bohemian vibe, with rustic beaches, a rugged windswept coastline and laid back locals. Wear what you want here, no one will bat an eyelid.

“Crafts people and talented artists call [Coromandel Town] home. Set in stunning natural surrounds life here has its own pace. The village cafés extend a unique, character-filled ambience and serve up plenty of fresh, locally-caught seafood. For those who dare (the tar sealed roads end at Colville) it is also gateway to north Coromandel’s diverse beaches and forests.”

Original article by Gina Nilsen, Epoch Times, January 17, 2017.

Photo by The Coromandel.

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