“Any Business Can Use AR” Says Plattar’s Rupert Deans

“By 2022, the Augmented Reality (and Mixed) market is predicted to expand to $117.4 Billion,” writes Angela Mellak in an article published on LinkedIn. To find out more about AI and mixed reality, Mellak interviewed Cantabrian Rupert Deans, the Digital Marketing pioneer and founder of AR/VR company Plattar. Plattar “offers a platform for creating, deploying, and managing AR apps for commerce” and boasts Unilever, Red Bull, and Fox Sports among the brands using their platform to build AR apps,” as reported on Next Reality News.

“The growing scope of opportunities means that hardware companies, software developers, designers and brands can all benefit from the new ways that people interact with products and environment around them,” said Deans when asked how the augmented, mixed or virtual reality market can help people.

“We are already seeing amazing and useful, wearable hardware coming from Microsoft. Coupling this with the advances in mobile phones that will allow mainstream smart devices to analyse and measure the surrounding environment, we will start to see even more powerful applications of AR for all industries.”

Plattar for instance can be applied across different brands via a wide range of practical commercial opportunities including product visualisation, training, marketing, tourism, education and many more.

When asked whether he thought AR connected or isolated people, Deans replied:

“So far with the work that we have produced, we are only seeing positive outcomes from people sharing their experiences and the Wow moment they get when seeing it for the first time. You also just need to look at the filters that Snapchat and Facebook allow you to put over your face to see the social sharing power!”

“Any business can use AR or VR to drive their objectives”, according to Deans.

“The power of Augmented Reality currently is that people get surprised by the innovation and experiences of any shapes and sizes. Therefore creating engagement with their potential customers and prospects as a leading edge marketing and PR tool,” he said.

Deans, who says he has always been excited about creating digital experiences for people, created New Zealand’s first digital agency “One Fat Sheep” (OFS) in Christchurch, which went on to create “the World’s First 3D Zombies Shooter on a Pizza box for Hell Pizza, utilising Augmented Reality technology”. For several weeks this was the most downloaded app in NZ over Facebook and Trademe.

Article Source: LinkedIn, Angela Mellak, October 4, 2017

Image Source: Youtube

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