Britain is Starstruck By TV’s Rose Matafeo

With the hit BBC Three show Starstruck returning to UK screens for season two, Glamour magazine catches up with its New Zealand creator and star, Rose Matafeo.

“Given the sheer amount of romcoms you reference in Starstruck, I can only imagine you’re a massive fan of the genre. But would you call yourself a critic, as well?” Glamour’s Francesca Specter asks.

“Of course. You’ve got to be both. For instance, I think often women are funnier than men – but in romcoms they’re not given credit for that. So that’s one thing I try to take from this genre and get right. I position Jessie as a funny character. And she’s intentionally funny,” Auckland-born Matafeo, 29, says.

“Dare I ask your favourite rom-com?”

“I’ve been asked that before, and in the past I’ve said I can’t decide between Moonstruck, When Harry Met Sally and Bridget Jones’s Diary. But in all honesty, my heart of hearts it’s Bridget Jones’ Diary. I think it’s just one of the most perfect, fantastic films.”

In a 4-star review of the new season, The Guardian’s Rebecca Nicholson writes:

“There are few series that can sustain being watched in one sitting, but Starstruck is one of them, and I would argue that this lovely, warm, witty series even benefits from a binge-watch. Each episode may be short and sweet, but the cumulative effect is magical.”

Original article by Francesca Specter, Glamour, February 4, 2022.

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