Rose Matafeo’s Romcom Even Better than Ever

“[New Zealander Rose Matafeo’s Starstruck] is no longer a will-they-won’t-they series. Instead, it focuses on the joys of friendship – and becomes more enjoyable, relatable and far more moving,” Rachel Aroesti writes in a review of the show for The Guardian.

“Now in into its third season, Starstruck has become a better – more interesting, more affecting – show, one that no longer revolves around its original premise, but instead deals in distinctly un-gimmicky reflections on life’s trajectory,” Aroesti writes. “It would be a treat to follow [Matafeo’s] Jessie and co well into the future, to find out how their friendships survive the labels and limitations that come with having and not having kids. From starstruck to baby-brained, this show has undergone the most satisfying of rebirths.”

Auckland-born Matafeo, 31, is based in London. Earlier this year, she guest presented the British quiz show Pointless.

Original article by Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian, August 28, 2023.

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