Aspen Chalet Gets the Sandra Nunnerley Touch

Wellington-born New York-based interior designer Sandra Nunnerley’s recent Aspen project, a reinvented ski chalet, features in AD France.

The home was designed by American architect Alan Wanzenburg for a former Olympic sailing champion and his family. They wanted a home they could enjoy as much as possible.

Nunnerley had already decorated one of their houses. She had no trouble answering their wishes. From the outset, it was decided to install a large kitchen-dining room and, in the guesthouse, a huge room, as well as intimate corners throughout.

Works of art were carefully selected from galleries in Aspen and New York. They fit perfectly within the space; Nunnerley’s talents derive from a background in architecture and contemporary art.

“I’m not a minimalist, far from it,” Nunnerley says. “But I think the fewer things we have in a room, the better they are presented. I don’t like clutter.”

Americans say she has a European sensibility. Probably because she values ​​the works of designers like Hervé Van der Straeten, Alexandre Biaggi, Mattia Bonetti, Alexandre Logé or Paul Mathew. She prefers the term “international” and describes her interiors as fitted but comfortable – a bit like a well-cut suit.

Original article by Aude de la Conté, AD, February 8, 2018.

Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson.

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