AJ Hackett Heads to Russia for Ever Bigger Thrills

New Zealand bungy kingpin AJ Hackett will set multiple records in Russia this year, when the world’s highest swing, the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge (550m) and a double-ended flying fox open as part of a new adventure park in Sochi.

AJ Hackett Sochi opens in time for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games which take place 6 to 23 February 2014, in Sochi.

Hackett’s latest bungy venture is over 200m high.

“There will be another [bungy] – with the height of 60m, plus the highest swing in the world [with a] radius of over 160m,” Hackett says. “Another novelty is the flying fox; special ropes, with the help of which tourists will be able to fly over [a] canyon two or three times in a row.”

“The system is very intricate – you start coming down using a rope on one side of the valley and when you start coming up, you are picked up and raised to the other side. And from there you can [return] a lot faster than when you were going down, as one side of the valley is higher than the other one by almost 50m.”

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