Kiwi’s Reach Kickstarter Goal in Seven Hours

Two Kiwi entrepreneurs have managed to secure their $30,000 Kickstarter goal within seven hours, allowing their prototype travel bag to go into production.

After completing a 17,000 mile journey across North America, Jimmy Hayes and Doug Barber, wanted to eliminate any ‘drag’ that can be associated with travel. ‘Travel drag’ is described on the entrepreneurs Kickstarter page as, “anything that slows you down, mentally or physically, from reaching your destination.” The pair spent a year in New Zealand, following their trip, designing a bag, before spending three months in Vietnam to develop their prototype.

Through their brand Minaal, Hayes and Barber have designed a backpack that is light-weight, can quickly be made professional,has easy access, is small enough to be carry-on, but with enough room to pack all the essentials. Thanks to the Kiwi’s innovative design, they have doubled their Kickstarter goal with 28 days remaining. Before quickly reaching their goal, however, the pair provided travel tips to Forbes magazine. Minaal’s Kickstarter will be continuing until October 17.

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