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Sport General | Stuff
13 September 2021
Tokyo Paralympians Return Victorious
New Zealand’s Paralympians have returned from Tokyo with a medal count of 12, including six gold. It was the athletics and swimming show for New Zealand, with all of the medals coming from those two sports, Stuff reports.

New Zealand’s greatest Paralympian,…

General | Guardian (The)
13 September 2021
Aoraki Mt Cook Reveals Last Images of a Mountaineer
Two decades ago Richard Stiles escaped an avalanche on Aoraki Mount Cook, but friend Steve Robinson wasn’t so lucky. Now the mountain has given…
Writers | Guardian (The)
10 September 2021
An Excerpt From After the Tampa by Abbas Nazari
Fulbright winner Abbas Nazari was one of 433 refugees rescued by New Zealand from the Norwegian cargo ship, Tampa, in 2001 after leaving Indonesia in an…
Sport General | PSA World Tour
09 September 2021
Squash Player Paul Coll Wins Historic British Title
New Zealand’s Paul Coll, 29, is the Allam British Open champion 2021 producing a formidable performance to come from one game down and get his…
Film & TV | Harper’s Bazaar
08 September 2021
Rose Matafeo Wants More Diversity in Rom-Coms
While shooting Season 2 of Starstruck, London-based New Zealander Rose Matafeo, 29, spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about its origin story, her dream guests, and how the…
Taste | Vogue.com
07 September 2021
Vogue 25 List Includes Chef Margot Henderson
London-based New Zealander Margot Henderson is one of today’s “most lauded chefs”. She joins Vivian Westwood, the Duchess of Cambridge, Nicola Sturgeon, FKA…
Film & TV | Guardian (The)
06 September 2021
Andrew Dominik on 20 Years of Chopper
Few would be unfamiliar with Chopper – both the criminal, and the movie. The former is Mark Brandon Read, the notorious Australian gangster, bestselling author and serial shit-spinner,…
Sport General | BBC Sport
03 September 2021
Commonwealth Games Chief Named as Katie Sadleir
New Zealander Katie Sadleir, currently general manager of women’s rugby at World Rugby, has been appointed the first female chief executive of the…
Media | Al Jazeera
02 September 2021
Journalist Charlotte Bellis Questions Taliban
New Zealander Charlotte Bellis was the only female journalist at the Taliban’s first official press conference in Afghanistan last week and her bold question to…
Obituaries | Canberra Times (The)
01 September 2021
Labour Giant Michael Cullen Committed to NZ
Sir Michael Cullen, Helen Clark’s deputy prime minister and the father of New Zealand superannuation, has died in Whakatāne aged 76, Ben McKay reports for a story…
Music | Atlantic (The)
31 August 2021
Lorde’s Latest Album Too Complex to Be Basic
“Ever since people started slinging around the word basic as an insult, delights as disparate as pumpkin-spice lattes, the music of Lizzo, and sunsets have…
Sport General | National Geographic
30 August 2021
Meet Paralympic Cyclist and Adventurer Steve Bate
Having become the first person with visual impairment to scale El Capitan, New Zealand-born Steve Bate, 43, is no stranger to adventure. The Tokyo…
Writers | Wall Street Journal (The)
30 August 2021
“Genius” Katherine Mansfield’s “frantic creative flourishing” collected in ‘Strange Bliss’
“One of the genuine, if…
Film & TV | Washington Post (The)
25 August 2021
Taika Waititi Behind Triumphant Reservation Dogs
Oscar-winning writer-director New Zealander Taika Waititi is co-creator of the “unforgettable (and caper-filled)” television series Reservation Dogs, a…
General | New York Times (The)
25 August 2021
Is NZ the Best Place to Survive Global Collapse?
Two English researchers have found that New Zealand is best poised to stay up and running as climate change continues to wreak global havoc, Heather Murphy…
Business | Guardian (The)
24 August 2021
Allbirds Puts a Label on Fashion’s Climate Impact
Allbirds’ sustainability lead Hana Kajimura talks to The Guardian’s Nadra Nittle about why the company, founded by New Zealander Tim Brown and…
Arts | NZ House & Garden
20 August 2021
Philip Roche’s Palm Springs ‘Desert Dreams’
Former Wellingtonian Philip Roche and his iconic Palm Springs Mid Century Modern feature in September’s issue of NZ House & Garden. His design and…
Film & TV | Entertainment Weekly
19 August 2021
Xena’s Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor Reunite
One of the most shipped couples in TV history, Xena and Gabrielle, are finally getting back together, Dominic Corry writes for Entertainment Weekly….
Music | Edinburgh Reporter (The)
19 August 2021
Pianist Ben Wilcock’s Fond Edinburgh Connections
When Hamilton-born Ben Wilcock signed up for a Fringe run with New Zealand’s Indian Ink Theatre Company in 2003, he had no idea that Edinburgh…
New Zealand | Washington Post (The)
18 August 2021
Fortress NZ Looks to Open Borders to Vaccinated
New Zealand, one of the last countries successfully pursuing a zero-tolerance approach to the novel coronavirus, has said it could open its borders for…
Business | Al Jazeera
18 August 2021
Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck Living His Space Dream
Rocket Lab’s founder Invercargill-born Peter Beck talks to Al Jazeera about moon shots, deep space exploration and overcoming dream crushers.


Sport | Sydney Morning Herald
10 August 2001
This Glorious Tradition
Respect: The Sydney Morning Herald offers solace to the demanding expectations of AB fans…
New Zealand | Sydney Morning Herald
20 August 2006
Double Dose of Glacial Magic
A Sydney Morning Herald travel writer takes in equal parts local history and jaw-dropping natural scenery at the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers. “Tramping, walking…
War and Peace | New Zealand Herald (The)
19 August 2011
Back to the Island of Crete
No guns were firing when the New Zealand Herald’s Jim Eagles assembled quietly at the bottom of the steep road to the hilltop village of Galatas on the…
New Zealand | Condé Nast Traveller
09 August 2016
Three NZ Cities Included in World’s Friendliest Cities Ranking
Three New Zealand cities have been ranked in the Top 20 of Condé Nast Traveller’s annual World’s Friendliest Cities…
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