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Politics and Economics | New York Times (The)
23 June 2021
New Zealanders Flock Home to the Edge
More than 50,000 New Zealanders who have returned home during the pandemic, offering the country a rare opportunity to win back some of its best and brightest, Charlotte Graham-McClay writes in a feature published by The New York Times.

The unexpected influx of…

Media | Telegraph (The)
23 June 2021
Apple’s Zane Lowe the Great Communicator
When Apple launched its music streaming service in 2015, it hired New Zealander Zane Lowe to be, effectively, its face and voice. Apple Music may not do Spotify numbers but,…
Music | Whittier Daily News
22 June 2021
Chalmers Brothers Promote Band With Car Wash
Originally from Hawkes Bay, the Los-Angeles-based Chalmers brothers, who perform as indie rock band Emperors Night, are promoting themselves by washing cars for free…
Cricket | BBC Sport
21 June 2021
Brilliant New Zealand Show England the Way
“England’s dismal second-Test defeat was confirmed inside an hour on the fourth morning at Edgbaston, giving New Zealand a 1-0 series win,” Stephan Shemilt reports for…
Te Ao Maori | NBC News
19 June 2021
Study Suggests Māori First to Encounter Antarctica
Māori explorers could have been the first humans to set eyes on Antarctica as far back as the 7th century, a new study suggests, even though for…
Dance | Dazed
17 June 2021
Ballroom Culture Transforms QTPOC Community
Safe spaces for QTPOC communities in a country seen by the rest of the world as progressive are rare, but trans women are finding space and solace in Auckland’s balls,…
Science/Tech | ABC News
16 June 2021
New Zealand Signs Space Agreement with NASA
New Zealand has announced it is the latest country to sign a space agreement with NASA, just as the country’s nascent space industry begins to take off, Associated Press…
Business | Forbes
15 June 2021
No Master Plan for Makeup Maestra Lisa Eldridge
While two million-plus subscribers certainly earns her the label, ‘YouTuber’ doesn’t quite cover the laundry list of Auckland-born Lisa Eldridge’s…
Business | Vogue Australia
14 June 2021
Packaging Queen Rebecca Percasky Charms Cartier
New Zealand-based entrepreneur Rebecca Percasky launched sustainable packaging company The Better Packaging Co. after years spent working in e-commerce left…
Music | Guardian (The)
13 June 2021
Lorde’s Sunny New Single a Lesson in Patience
“Lorde has said she was ‘waiting for the right moment’ to release her comeback single, Solar Power, and opted for 11 June to coincide with the year’s…
Writers | Guardian (The)
11 June 2021
Meg Mason’s First UK-Published Book Well Received
New Zealand author Meg Mason’s “moving novel”, Sorrow and Bliss, “about mental illness and sisterly love finds hilarity and wisdom in…
Music | Clash
10 June 2021
Ladyhawke Bites Back with Guilty Love
Ladyhawke, aka Pip Brown, 41, has been through some tough times, but she’s come out on the other side, Robin Murray writes for music and fashion magazine, Clash. The New Zealand alt-pop…
Legend | Originators
22 June 2001
John Britten
John Britten was a revolutionary motorcycle designer whose home-brewed machine won international plaudits with its stunning design and performance. The 300+ km/h blur of speed…
Society | M&C News (The)
20 June 2006
Wonder of the Natural World Reborn
Rotorua’s famed Pink and White Terraces – destroyed in the 1886 Mt Tarawera eruption – are being replicated 8km away at Wairakei by businessman Jim Hall. The original staircase-like tiers of pink…
Society | Guardian (The)
22 June 2011
Relief for Christchurch Residents
Thousands of Christchurch home owners are breathing a sigh of relief following John Key’s announcement on the future of their properties. Entire suburbs of
Taste | Munchies
23 June 2016
NZ Scientists Make Beef-Based Chocolate
Mustafa Farouk, a senior scientist who works for the AgResearch institute, has partnered with Auckland-based Devonport Chocolates to create a confection made….
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