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Business | Knight Frank
17 March 2020
Charles Ma, City Maker, Leads Thinking in Knight Frank City Wellbeing Index
Auckland-born Charles Ma, 29, is working on an ambitious project to reimagine the way we live with its development of an entire city – Auranga, in southern Auckland at Drury – which will eventually be home to 40,000 people.

Ma features in the first City…

Film & TV | Variety Magazine
18 March 2020
Stacey Lee’s Doco Underplayed to Show at TriBeCa
Among the documentaries premiering at this year’s TriBeCa Film Festival in April is New Zealand-born, Los Angeles-based Stacey Lee’s debut…
Taste | New York Times (The)
17 March 2020
A British Kitchen with Margot and Fergus Henderson
Chefs Fergus and New Zealand-born Margot Henderson have forged an identity for modern British cooking, grounded in technique and tradition. But will…
Film & TV | Dream Catchers
06 March 2020
Dream Catchers Charts 32 Remarkable New Zealanders Making an Impact in the UK
Dream Catchers is on YouTube! Produced by Hilary Timmins, the full eight episodes celebrating 32 New…
Business | Financial Times
15 March 2020
Virgin Group CEO Josh Bayliss Is No Procrastinator
Five expert users, including Virgin Group’s chief executive New Zealander Josh Bayliss, tell the Financial Times about the best tools to beat…
Music | Rolling Stone
14 March 2020
Death Metal Band Ulcerate Warp Time in New Track
New Zealand extreme-metal outfit Ulcerate, which formed in Auckland in 2000, “privileges atmosphere over speed in one of its grandest, most unsettling…
Sport General | Horse & Hound
13 March 2020
Blyth Tait Calls Time on Second Eventing Career
Former Olympic and world champion New Zealander Blyth Tait has retired from eventing for a second time, aged 58, Britain’s Horse & Hound magazine…
Adrenalin | Thrillist
12 March 2020
South Island the Reigning Adrenaline Capital
“Of all the world’s adventure destinations, there are few more tantalising or dreamlike than New Zealand, a country that seems at once familiar and otherworldly….
Film & TV | Guardian (The)
11 March 2020
Taika Waititi Takes on the Chocolate Factory
Academy Award-winning director New Zealander Taika Waititi has signed a deal with Netflix to write, direct and produce two animated series based on the works of the…
Obituaries | New York Times (The)
10 March 2020
Pioneer Troy Collings Made N Korean Connections
New Zealander Troy Collings, whose tour-guide company specialised in taking young budget travellers to forbidding places like North Korea, has died. He was…
Visual Arts | Irish Times (The)
09 March 2020
Art is at the Frontline of Cathy Fitzgerald’s Fight
The Hollywood Forest in County Carlow, Ireland is a source of quality timber and an inspiration for an artistic couple and their network of…
Nature | Kea
07 March 2020
Kea Show Humanlike Ability to Make Predictions
Whether it’s calculating your risk of catching coronavirus or gauging the chance of rain on your upcoming beach vacation, you use a mix of statistical,…
New Zealand | CNN
16 March 2020
Twelve of NZ’s Most Beautiful Places
American broadcaster CNN offers up an “insider’s guide to Aotearoa’s must-see destinations, including some off-the-beaten-track gems”.

Starting at the top of the…

Innovation | ABC
18 March 2015
Rare Glimpse Cloudless New Zealand from Space
A rare image of New Zealand without a ceiling of cloud has been captured from the…
Taste | Independent on Sunday
11 March 2010
Guava Crumble Please
Gisborne-born, London-based chef Peter Gordon writes in The Independent on Sunday that he has “a sense of a growing tide of culinary xenophobia” and that…
Travel | Independent (The)
12 March 2005
Diamond and the Rough
Independent travel writer indulges mind, body and soul in NZ’s up and coming wine and tourism centre…
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