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Politics and Economics | Chinook Observer
31 March 2020
PM Jacinda Ardern Inspires Across Planet
March is National Women’s History Month in the US and Washington state newspaper, the Chinook Observer, salutes several outstanding women, including our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

The Observer’s Robert Brake writes:

“I extend kudos to [the] 39-year-old…

Community/General | Guardian (The)
23 March 2020
Escaping COVID-19 Chaos in New York
It started with an ominous email: “We urge New Zealanders currently travelling overseas to consider returning home while commercial options remain available,” the foreign affairs ministry…
Science/Tech | Washington Post (The)
21 March 2020
Wayve Genius Alex Kendall Makes Forbes 30 Under 30
New Zealander Alex Kendall, 27, who went to the University of Cambridge to pursue a PhD in Computer Vision and Robotics, and today serves as the CTO…
Arts | Contemporary HUM
02 April 2020
HUM launches new series covering Asia + new essay out
Online publishing platform Contemporary HUM is excited to announce a new series focusing on New Zealand arts activity in the Asia…
Music | ABC
02 April 2020
Country Singer Tami Neilson Pulls Out the Big Guns
The seven women who are “leading the charge” in country music in 2020, according to Kath Devaney reporting for the ABC include New Zealand-based…
Dance | Dance Magazine
01 April 2020
Designer Kristian Fredrikson a Force of the Stage
Wellington-born stage and costume designer Kristian Fredrikson is celebrated in a new book by renowned Melbourne dance writer, curator and historian…
Community/General | Denis O’Reilly
01 April 2020
Ruby Princess and the Great Discontinuity
My time as a bouncer on the door at Ali Baba’s in Cuba St Wellington, circa 1975, taught me to read the street. Anticipate the hitting of shit upon fan. Sunday two weeks ago,…
Community/General | Camden New Journal
31 March 2020
John Platts-Mills QC Stuck to His Principles
A journalist for London’s independent newspaper the Camden New Journal recalls the first public meeting he attended as a 16-year-old in Manchester, a meeting at…
Golf | Golf Australia
28 March 2020
Tricky Golf Moves With Tania Tare
Auckland-born Tania Tare is one of the world’s most recognisable trick-shot artists and has amassed over 300,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Golf Australia reports. In an…
Music | NPR
27 March 2020
NPR Excited About Folk Singer Holly Arrowsmith
New Zealander Holly Arrowsmith has made NPR’s Austin 100 list, compiled of musicians who would otherwise be performing at the annual SXSW music festival, now…
Te Ao Maori | BBC
26 March 2020
Recognising the Whanganui River’s Legal Voice
In 2017, New Zealand granted legal personhood to the Whanganui River. Since then, other nations have followed suit in an effort to protect the environment….
Community/General | YouTube
25 March 2020
Big Future in Tiny Homes Says Bryce Langston
Some call them small homes, while others prefer ‘tiny homes’ or ‘tiny houses’. Whatever the terminology, more and more people are getting their heads around…
Taste | National Geographic
24 March 2020
Visiting Emily Winkle’s Cornwall Gem Cherry Trees
“Padstow, on the north Cornwall coast, has long been a food-lover’s haunt. And that’s largely thanks to Rick Stein, who opened The Seafood…
Music | Brag Media (The)
23 March 2020
Yumi Zouma’s Latest Is Album of the Week
Earlier this month, the New Zealand band Yumi Zouma “who splits their time between Wellington, London and New York, unleashed their third full length album Truth Or…
Politics and Economics | New York Times (The)
22 March 2020
New Zealand Eases Abortion Restrictions
Lawmakers have voted to liberalise New Zealand’s abortion law and allow unrestricted access during the first half of pregnancy, ending the country’s status as one of the few…
Business | Berlin Spectator
22 March 2020
Corby Lovell Berlin’s Peanut Butter Provider
Auckland-born Corby Lovell is introducing Berliners to the delights of peanut butter, selling his Twisted Nut brand to locals at the famous Saturday market at…
Taste | Daily Coffee News
30 March 2020
Roaster Rhys Evans-Brown Spreading Good Cheer
The culture of specialty coffee in Oceania is in many ways a world apart from the coffee culture of the United States, Howard Bryman writes for Daily Coffee News….
Obituaries | Spinoff (The)
20 March 2020
Earth’s Green Flag Flies for Jeanette Fitzsimons
For the decade Sue Bradford spent in parliament as a Green MP, party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons led by example, bringing a quiet but steely…
Visual Arts | Amateur Photographer
19 March 2020
Photographer Amos Chapple Shoots Cold on an iPhone
From December to January, the sun never rises in Murmansk, Russia. Amateur Photographer journalist Peter Dench chats to the New Zealand-born…
Style | Wall Street Journal (The)
24 March 2015
Drew Harré’s Fish La Boissonnerie in Parisian Top Wine Bar List
Former West Aucklander Drew Harré has a hand in one of Paris’ top five wine bars. The Wall Street Journal’s wine…
New Zealand | Sydney Morning Herald (The)
21 March 2010
Best Northern Beaches
The North Island’s top beaches are named by The Sydney Morning Herald’s Bruce Elder, who writes that those suggested are so good that no trip to New Zealand would be complete without visiting them…
Wine | Pittsburgh Live
23 March 2005
A Wine Like No Other
Pittsburgh Live writer experiences a dash of spring fever courtesy of Marlborough’s world-renowned sauvignon blanc. “The wine’s style elicits both tremendous enthusiasm and vehement rejection, but overall, sales of …
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