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14 May 2019
Virgin CEO Josh Bayliss Reflects on Climate Action
New Zealand-born Josh Bayliss, CEO of multi-billion-pound brand the Virgin Group, which holds a stake in Virgin Atlantic, discusses with BusinessGreen journalist Michael Holder how corporates should respond to consumer outcry over climate change.

There has scarcely…

Arts | Contemporary HUM
09 May 2019
An Interview with Biljana Popovic
Newly published on online art platform Contemporary HUM, arts writer Eleanor Woodhouse interviews artist and designer Biljana Popovic on her 12-month Visual Arts Residency at the Künstlerhaus…
Music | Billboard
09 May 2019
Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe Interviews Taylor Swift
New Zealander Zane Lowe “tried his best to pull some more Easter eggs out of Taylor Swift during her midday interview on Apple’s Beats 1 Live show”, according to a…
New Zealand | Atlas Obscura
10 May 2019
Symonds Street Cemetery Oasis of Wonder
Auckland’s Symonds Street Cemetery is another New Zealand landmark included on travel site, Atlas Obscura.

Atlas Obscura writes: “One of Auckland’s oldest cemeteries was…

Community/General | Stuff
11 May 2019
World’s First Māori Woman Bishop Elected
The Archbishops of the Anglican Church in New Zealand have elected the world’s first Māori woman Bishop, Radio New Zealand reports. Archdeacon Waitohiariki Quayle has…
Sport General | South China Morning Post
12 May 2019
Skyrunner Ruth Croft Prepares for China Race
The South China Morning Post’s Mark Agnew reports that China might be famous for its food, but two top trail runners are approaching their pre-race meals with…
Visual Arts | Daily Mail
14 May 2019
Then and Now: NZ’s Natural Beauty on Display in Turn-of-the-Century Photos
A series of turn-of-the-century photocroms, published by MailOnline’s Tim…
Business | Telegraph (The)
14 May 2019
Rachel Carrell Fixing Broken UK Childcare System
There are a dozen different words that Rachel Carrell can think of to describe the challenges of finding childcare for parents in the UK. None of them are…

Politics and Economics | New York Times (The)
15 May 2019
Jacinda Ardern Popular In Australia
Jacinda Arden’s “empathy and grace” in the aftermath of the Christchurch shootings has been applauded in a recent New York Times opinion piece by Sisonke Msimang, an author who divides her…
Society | New York Times (The)
15 May 2019
Jacinda Ardern: How To Stop The Next Christchurch Massacre
In a New York Times op-ed, PM Jacinda Ardern calls for the reform of social media, saying that the right to freedom of…
Uncatagorised | Daily Mail
15 May 2019
Hidden Tattoos: Bradley’s Puaki Portraits Conceal Maori Markings
New Zealand photographer Michael Bradley’s Puaki exhibition shows what Maori people would look like…
Community/General | Washington Post (The)
16 May 2019
Coffin Clubs Take Sting out of Death
Across New Zealand, a country of almost 5 million, five major groups like the one Judith Aitken joined in Hastings have sprung up in recent years for people wanting to build and customise…
Business | Forbes
16 May 2019
Mental Health Means Business for Hannah Hardy-Jones
A new wave of female entrepreneurs who are using their own experiences of mental health to help others feature in Forbes, including New Zealander…
Whale Centre
Sport | The Guardian
15 May 2014
5 Years Ago – Selling Rugby to the Americans
The iconic Soldier Field, America’s oldest gridiron stadium, is to host the All Blacks in a test against the…
Arts | Reuters
11 May 2009
10 Years Ago – War Stories Recounted
Bluff-born journalist Peter Arnett was the VIP guest speaker at a recent function to…
Docherty Takes on the World ... and Wins
Sport | Seattle Post-Intelligencer
09 May 2004
15 Years Ago – Docherty Takes on the World … and Wins
Bevan Docherty won gold at the 2004 Triathlon World Championship in Funchal, Madeira. Fellow Kiwis…
Legends | Culture
11 April 2001
Legends – Katherine Mansfield
Katherine Mansfield’s brief life was also a lesson in casting off convention. Famously, Mansfield remarked…
Legends | Change
01 August 2009
Legends – Ettie Rout
Reviled and lauded in equal parts, Ettie Rout was a woman before her time, a career woman in…
Legends - Frances Alda
Legends | Culture
01 May 2000
Legends – Frances Alda
Born in Christchurch in 1879, she gained early success as a light operetta singer in Melbourne. At 22 she set out for Europe and established herself in…
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