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From Brian Sweeney, publisher, NZEDGE.COM | 14 February 2019 | #350 | New York
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Music | Sydney Morning Herald (The)
11 February 2019
Dames Jools and Lynda Topp Reflect
Their career spans 40 years and is emblematic of changing attitudes to gay and lesbian people. New Zealand’s Topp Twins, Jools and Lynda, started their lives in entertainment as “underground performers’ with a unique blend of comedy and politicised country music.The Sydney Morning Herald reports on their…

Te Ao Maori | The Conversation
13 February 2019
The Treaty of Waitangi and Its Influence On Identity Politics
“Globally, there has been a crisis of confidence in the promises of liberal democracy in recent years,” writes…
Rugby | CNN
12 February 2019
New Zealand Twice Victorious in Sevens Final
For the second time this season, New Zealand got the better of the American Eagles in a World Rugby Sevens Series gold medal encounter. The 21-5 victory for the All…
Community/General | Guardian (The)
07 February 2019
Harness Power of Pessimism says André Spicer
“Early on New Year’s Day, I began scrolling through the messages people had left on social media,” New Zealand author and educator André Spicer writes in an…
Taste | Eater
12 February 2019
Tip Top Savory Pies Flying Off the Shelves in US
At their new storefront in Lafayette, Colorado, Tip Top Savory Pies owners Christine Carr and Robert Morrow want to bring a slice of New Zealand culture to…
Taste | USA Today
11 February 2019
Onion Dip Unites New Zealand
New Zealand is home to many wonderful things, from wacky flightless birds to the real-world incarnation of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. But no matter how great of a country it truly is, New Zealand has struggled to shake…
Taste | LoudounNow
09 February 2019
Vino Bistro Uncorks in Virginia
For New Zealand-born sommelier and restaurateur Michael Pearce, his Vino Bistro concept seeks to bring fine dining and fine wine without the frills to the Village at Leesburg neighbourhood in Virginia, in…
Motorsports | Formula 1
08 February 2019
Brendon Hartley Joins Ferrari F1 Team
“Ferrari has hired ex-Formula One drivers Pascal Wehrlein and Brendon Hartley to help develop its 2019 race car in the simulator,” writes Alan Baldwin in an article for Independent…
America’s Cup | Sail World
09 February 2019
New Marine Facility Confirmed For Auckland
“The $1.5billion a year New Zealand marine industry is expected to receive a significant boost with the announcement and sign-off on a massive refit facility adjacent to…
Community/General | Bermudian (The)
10 February 2019
Audette Exel’s Adara Group Celebrates a Milestone
Established in Bermuda in 1998, The Adara Group is the brainchild of former Bermuda Commercial Bank managing director, New Zealander Audette Exel,…
Film & TV | Forbes
10 February 2019
They Shall Not Grow Old Highest Grossing Release
Originally presented on 17 and 27 December in the United States, Peter Jackson’s World War I documentary, They Shall Not Grow Old, grossed US$2.6 million…
Media | South China Morning Post
08 February 2019
Why Aaron Stadlin-Robbie’s Podcast is Different
A New Zealander raised in Hong Kong, Aaron Stadlin-Robbie sees his new podcast, Talking Mental as a way to reach out to experts and break the stigma of…
Film & TV | List (The)
08 February 2019
Peter Jackson Making New Beatles Documentary
Lord of the Rings filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson is making a new documentary on The Beatles using 55 hours of never-before-seen studio footage that was shot in early 1969…
Visual Arts | Financial Times
12 February 2019
British Photographer Captures Majesty of NZ
Over the past four decades, the Bristol-born photographer Jem Southam has been documenting the English landscape, but for his latest series, The Long White Cloud, the…
Theatre | Broadly
11 February 2019
Love and Being Female in Comedy with Rose Matafeo
Rising star Auckland-born Rose Matafeo recently won the prestigious Best Comedy Show Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, one of comedy’s biggest…
Film & TV | Vanity Fair
07 February 2019
Breaker Upperers Talk to Vanity Fair
Even if good friends and creative partners Madeleine Sami, 38, and Jackie van Beek, 43, don’t immediately look familiar to Americans, their new comedy, The Breaker Upperers, will sound…
New Zealand | Telegraph (The)
15 February 2014
5 Years Ago – Astronaut Says NZ Vineyards Most Appeal from Space
The vineyards of Marlborough are the part of the world which most caught Canadian Chris Hadfield’s eye from space. The “selfie…
Community/General | NZEDGE
11 February 2009
10 Years Ago – Pacific Bikies Do Good
Auckland Harley Davidson bikers, the Aotearoa Riding Pirates, are currently motoring around Tonga donating supplies to local primary schools, as well as sharing the experience…
Music | BBC News
16 February 2004
15 Years Ago – Briwi Blitzes Brits
NZ born Daniel Bedingfield was named Best British Male Solo Artist at the 2004 Brit Awards. The self-proclaimed “Briwi” has had a string of hit singles in both the UK and…
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