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Innovation | TrendHunter
20 February 2019
Deer Milk Heralds New Industry With Kōtia Skincare Brand
Offered some goat, sheep and cow milk cheese to accompany an early evening pinot on the deer farm of a friend, South Islander Graeme Shaw asked out loud “Where’s the deer cheese?” The response from his friend was “you can’t milk deer.” Too primal. Easily stressed. Not socialized with humans….

Sport General | Otago Daily Times
18 February 2019
Teenager Alice Robinson Wins Slalom Title in Europe
Queenstown ski racer Alice Robinson, 17, is continuing some strong form and has just made a trip to the top of the dais winning a European Cup…
Visual Arts | Guardian (The)
17 February 2019
David Lloyd Awarded Lumix People’s Choice Award
“David Lloyd’s Bond of Brothers, a heartwarming image of an affectionate pair of male lions, has been crowned the winner of the Wildlife…
Writers | Graeme Simsion
14 February 2019
Graeme Simsion Pens Final Rosie Instalment
Auckland-born IT consultant-turned-author Graeme Simsion’s mega-successful Rosie books have sold almost five million copies in 40-plus countries since The Rosie Project in…
16 February 2019
Entrepreneur Phil Richards Exchanges Ideas
New Zealand-born Phil Richards, author of The Entrepreneurial Accountant, straddles two worlds. Part qualified accountant, part tech pioneer, he outlines his formula for…
Community/General | Stuff.co.nz
15 February 2019
Mike King Named 2019 New Zealander of the Year
“Mental health advocate Mike King has been named Kiwibank 2019 New Zealander of the Year.” Charlotte Carter reports for Stuff.co.nz.“His determination to…
Business | Forbes
16 February 2019
Luxury Hotel Manager Tapa Tibble Heads to Bahamas
Late last year, New Zealander Tapa Tibble was named the Singapore-founded COMO Hotels and Resorts managing director of the Americas, meaning he’ll…
Business | Times (The)
13 February 2019
Rachel Carrell Not Your Average Venture Capitalist
New Zealand-born Rachel Carrell cut an unusual figure when touring venture capital firms to raise funds for her childcare company. “You’re quite…
Education | New Zealand Herald (The)
14 February 2019
Teacher Emily-Rose Reid On Board Peace Boat
Sailing on the Peace Boat, an 11-floor, luxury cruise ship from Capetown to Namibia, Emily-Rose Reid is on the trip of a lifetime but not as a guest. Reid is aboard the…
Taste | Local Spain (The)
15 February 2019
James Blick Takes a Tour of a Spanish Supermarket
Mountains of ham, rivers of olive oil and lakes of wine: that is what to expect when you go shopping in a Spanish supermarket. New Zealand-born James…
Wine | Drinks Business (The)
17 February 2019
Sauvignon Blanc Needs Rethinks Says Emma Jenkins
The “elephant in the room” of the New Zealand wine industry is the fact that its star grape, sauvignon blanc, “suffers from an image problem”,…
New Zealand | Atlas Obscura
16 February 2019
Auckland’s Browns Island a Green Haven
“In the middle of busy, urban Auckland harbour, there’s a little spot of green,” travel site Atlas Obscura writes. “It’s a peaceful place, one without tourist boats and…
Sport General | Freeskier
19 February 2019
New Ground Features Young Gun Craig Murray
Short film New Ground, made by Austrian ski company Atomic, follows New Zealander, Craig Murray, as he navigates his first stint on the Freeride World Tour (FWT) in…
Fashion | Australian (The)
19 February 2019
Nancy Wake Inspires Australian Designer
For its recent show at New York Fashion Week, in a collection called “Eye Spy”, Australian brand Zimmerman hoped some espionage of its own would add to its accolades. Sydney…
Film & TV | Guardian (The)
18 February 2019
Anna Paquin On Flack & Gender Power Balances in Film
“After five years trying to get it off the ground, filming for Anna Paquin’s new TV series Flack has completed and the series is about to…
Sport General | New York Times (The)
15 February 2019
Brooklyn Nets Manager Sean Marks Bets on People
The Brooklyn Nets have become one of the NBA season’s biggest surprises. Auckland-born Sean Marks is the basketball team’s manager…
Dance | Huffington Post (The)
24 February 2014
5 Years Ago – Impressive and Uncommonly Versatile NY Triple Bill
The opening of Royal New Zealand Ballet (RNZB) at The Joyce in New York “marked the final stop on a US tour that has covered a lot…
New Zealand | The Sydney Morning Herald
21 February 2009
10 Years Ago – Built to Sway
“Wellington, full of steep and newly formed hills held together by grass, gorse bushes and stunted ngaio trees shares with its better-known counterpart San….
Nature | The Japan Times
19 February 2004
15 Years Ago – Edge Eco-System
The unique bird-life native to NZ and its surrounding islands is the subject of major articles in The Japan Times and The New York Times. The first, by a Japan-based natural historian, expresses…
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