‘NZ Story’ Toolkit Unveiled

Hobbits, yacht design and international celebrity chef Peter Gordon join the obligatory mountain peaks and coastal visas in a new toolkit of material designed to allow New Zealand businesses to tell a consistent story about the country to the rest of the world.

The New Zealand Story, launched by Prime Minister John Key in Wellington, is intended to complement rather than replace Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure marketing campaign, and answers growing demand from local firms from outside the tourist sector for a more relevant articulation of the country’s strong points.

Drawing on the country’s reputation for integrity and openness as well as its natural scenery, the New Zealand Story materials will be available online for use by any New Zealand business.

The resulting imagery, video and other materials emphasise a story of “open spaces, open hearts, and open minds” which it is hoped will be applicable across a swathe of New Zealand export enterprises from information technology to food and beverage and the creative sector.

“When New Zealand exporters first go out into the world or visit a new market, they need something which places New Zealand and their business into context.

“We are a small country and often outsiders don’t understand who we are and what drives us,” said Joyce in a statement. “This initiative is about broadening the perception of New Zealand.”

Some $3 million of funding has gone to the project already and has an indicative annual budget for the next financial year of $2.3 million, funded from baseline funding of the government agencies on the steering group.

The materials are available here.

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