Xena’s Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor Reunite

One of the most shipped couples in TV history, Xena and Gabrielle, are finally getting back together, Dominic Corry writes for Entertainment Weekly. New Zealander Lucy Lawless and American Renee O’Connor, who co-starred on six seasons of the late-‘90s syndicated fantasy favourite Xena: Warrior Princess are performing opposite each other for the first time since the Xena series finale in 2001.

EW has an exclusive look at their on-screen reunion, which occurs on the new season of Lawless’ light-hearted whodunnit series My Life Is Murder, premiering in the United States on 30 August.

EW’s Corry asks the pair what they think Xena and Gabrielle fans will get from seeing them together in My Life Is Murder.

Lawless says: “I think they will enjoy [the characters’] proximity [to Xena and Gabrielle], and yet being so far apart. It’s great, it’s like turning our old relationship on its head. Right, Ren?”

O’Connor replies: “Yes. And I think that they’ll appreciate knowing that Lucy and I are having as much fun as possible working with each other.”

Original article by Dominic Corry, Entertainment Weekly, August 5, 2021.

Photo by Matt Klitscher/Acorn TV.

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