Wine for the Discerning but Diet-Conscious

New Zealand has announced its intention to become the world’s leading producer of “lifestyle wines” – those with fewer calories and lower alcohol levels – for the discerning but diet-conscious drinker.

The government has decided to pour $8.13m into the quest for viticultural and oenological supremacy, the Guardian reports.

The seven-year investment will help fund a $16.97m “world-leading” research programme put together by the ministry for primary industries and the New Zealand wine industry.

Philip Gregan, the chief executive officer of New Zealand Wine, said the joint project would produce “tangible outcomes” not only for the grape and wine industries, but also for the country’s economy.

“This programme will capitalise on the domestic and international market demand for high-quality, lower-calorie and lower-alcohol ‘lifestyle’ wines by developing new, natural techniques for grapevine growth and wine production utilised across the New Zealand wine industry,” Gregan said.

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