Two shorts for Sundance

Two New Zealand short films have been selected for the 27th Sundance Film Festival which runs from January 2 to 3. Both short films are part of a group of seven to be selected for a newly created category, Indigenous Shorts Showcase. Redemption, based on an original short story by Phil Kawana, is director and co-writer Katie Wolfe’s second short film to be invited to Sundance — her first screened in the international shorts competition last year. Ebony Society is Outrageous Fortune star Tammy Davis’ debut as a writer and director. Davis played Munter in Outrageous Fortune. Eighty-one short films from around the world were chosen from 6467 submissions. Director of programming Trevor Groth said it was a marvel to discover the creativity in this year’s shorts programme. “For 211, we are pleased to be able to shine a light on indigenous filmmakers working around the world in the short-form medium, and to provide festival goers with a window into native storytelling.”

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