Tuku Iho Exhibition Finds Fans in LA

In July, the Smithsonian hosted Tuku Iho | Living Legacy, an exhibit of more than 70 Maori works of art; before that, the show made stops in China, Malaysia, Chile and Brazil. The exhibition recently set up in Los Angeles at the Rose Room in Venice Beach. New Zealand-born model Rachel Hunter was one of the visitors.

Hunter told the New Zealand Herald that the warmth of the culture and strength of Maori was particularly unique and it was great to see the voice of Maori shared around the world.

“For Maori culture to be highlighted on the world stage is extremely important,” she said. “It’s showing other countries what we get to see at home.”

New Zealand actors Millen Baird and Outrageous Fortune star Siobhan Marshall also visited the exhibition.

Largely carved from wood, the weapons, idols, utensils and vessels on display featured mesmerising designs that mimic the swirling, impossible patterns that are recognisable from ta moko, the art of Maori tribal tattoos. There were also contemporary works on display created by teachers and students at the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute in Rotorua.

The exhibition featured in-situ carving live ta moko, kapa haka and contemporary performances and presentations.

Original article by Gwynedd Stuart, LA Weekly, October 30, 2017.

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