The Deal’s Not Just Big, it’s Massive

New York based company, Massive Inc, of which Wellingtonian Claudia Batten is a part owner, has been sold to Microsoft for up to $US 400 million. Founded four years ago, Massive Inc pioneered a form of software which downloads advertising into online video games, providing advertisers with a direct link to the “Lost Boys” market of 18-34 year old males. Massive’s software downloads dynamic advertising into background features of gaming action – such as billboards and vending machines – whenever the user is online. Massive clients include Coca Cola, Hollywood movie studios and multinational car companies. Educated at Samuel Marsden and Victoria University, Batten hopes to return to Wellington in the near future. “New York is a tough city,” she says in a NZ Herald interview. “Sometimes I feel like a caveman who’s knocked the beast on the head and dragged it home. And that’s just getting groceries.”

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