Tesco Picks Up Alistair King’s Pet Food Nood

Co-founder of New Zealand pet food brand Nood, Alistair King, 22, who has just launched the premium product range at Tesco in the UK, speaks to Business Matters about the inspiration behind the brand and what advice he’d give to budding entrepreneurs.

“The inspiration for Nood was born when I was walking through the pet aisle in the supermarket and couldn’t help but notice the lack of healthy, affordable options,” King, who founded the company with Zuru’s Nick Mowbray, explains. “We started reading the back of the products and were blown away by some of the included ingredients and how they were labelled.”

“We’ve had our fair share of setbacks, one of which was when our factory fired us four weeks before we were due to launch for the first time in Walmart Canada,” he says.

“I wish I could say that was the only close call, but we’ve definitely gained a lot of confidence from overcoming all the challenges and problems over the past 24-36 months.”

Original article by Business Matters, December 9, 2021.

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