Ten Things You Never Knew About Ladyhawke

Synth-pop singer Pip Brown, aka New Zealand-born Ladyhawke, tells Spin magazine about her love of sci-fi, UFOs, and Disneyland.

Turns out Brown – who will release her third record, Wild Things, on 3 June has a bevy of other non-music-related hobbies and interests: gaming, cooking, and watching the X-Files being just a few. Brown fills Spin in on a handful of things we never knew about her.

“[The Simpsons show creator] Matt Groening welcomed me to LA and signed my script. So did [Bart Simpson voice actor] Nancy Cartwright,” Brown says.

The Simpsons is a comfort for me [because] it’s always on TV. The Simpsons changed everything – South Park is influenced by The Simpsons, and it’s always recognised by Family Guy. [Seth MacFarlane] takes a lot of his jokes straight from Simpsons episodes.

Bob’s Burgers is one of my favourites. I think actually Bob’s Burgers is the most intelligent adult animated cartoon on TV right now.”

Brown finds museums a little overwhelming.

“I want to see all the stuff, but I want there to be no people. My favourite [museum] is the Natural History Museum in London. It’s so good but it’s impossible to go to ‘cause there’s always lines of kids. If you have bad anxiety like I do, it’s the worst place to go, but it’s where I want to be and it’s really annoying.”

“I love Disneyland.

I’ve been there nine times – I cry from happiness every time I walk up to the entrance and hear their theme song. I can’t do parks like Six Flags – it’s too scary – but Disneyland I can. I go on every single ride; Space Mountain’s my favourite.”

Brown, 36, is based in Los Angeles.

Original article by Rachel Brodsky, Spin, May 16, 2016.

Photo by Jen Carey.

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