Ten Essential Crowded House Songs

“Crowded House is a band that initially won listeners over with their undeniable wit and oddball charm,” American Songwriter’s Alli Patton writes in an article, which recommends the band’s top ten best songs.

“The New Zealand-Australian outfit, formed in 1985, was originally composed of frontman Neil Finn, drummer Paul Hester, and bassist Nick Seymour. However, Crowded House is a band with staying power, keeping fans coming back for the fine-tuned lyrics and irresistible melodies.”

“[Patton’s] ten essential Crowded House songs that leave just enough room to dance”, include Mean to Me, Four Seasons In One Day, Fall At Your Feet, and Don’t Dream It’s Over, the latter “forever cement[ing] their legacy”.

Original article by Alli Patton, American Songwriter, February 10, 2023.

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