Take Food Instagrams as Appetising as Sam Murphy’s

Vegan chef and author of Beautifully Real Food New Zealander Sam Murphy, 24, explains how to make Instagram food snaps really whet the appetite.

Murphy posts pretty picture after pretty picture of glistening, brightly-coloured doughnuts neatly dotted with hearts or criss-crossed with a zebra print. Then there are sushi doughnuts, beetroot burgers, “meatballs” and endless vegan cheesecake creations topped with flowers, fruit and more than a little flourish.

Murphy recommends firstly buying a good camera.

“My Instagram only really took off after I invested in a good-quality camera. I only had a middle-range DSLR camera to start with and then when I started the book, I upgraded,” Murphy says.

“A good camera helps to get a nice crisp image. It takes things up a little notch because essentially Instagram is a visual app to get people to want to enjoy your content so you have to create visually appealing content.

“Alongside investing in a camera, I also use an editing programme on my laptop called [Adobe] Lightroom,” she says.

It is also important to get the right angle when taking a shot.

“Generally if I’m photographing cakes they look better from the side as it adds a bit of depth,” she says.

“But if I’m doing a plate of food or a spread of food, taking it from above is effective in showing what you’ve got.”

Murphy lives in Melbourne.

Original article by BT.com, March 1, 2017.

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